Three Things I Learned When I Hired Plumbers in Somerville

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Being my family’s handyman, I always try to handle plumbing issues by myself. I treat every problem as a challenge and I learn every time from the experiences. I make mistakes, yes, but I turn it into lessons so I can be a better repairman the next time. It’s a good learning experience, but I must admit that do-it-yourself plumbing is not cheap. Different from what most of us think, tackling plumbing jobs on your own is actually costly, time-consuming and definitely not easy. There are some easy and safe repairs any homeowners can do, which can actually be helpful if done properly. But since most plumbing problems are detected too late, DIY solutions may not always be the best option.

I learned lessons the hard way. Just like what happened when I decided to fix my own water heater. I discovered from my best bud “Google” that a failing water heater means that it needs one or both of its heating elements replaced, which  can be easily done by homeowners.

It turned out, the problem is worse than I thought it to be. This is the second lesson I learned from the experts: to not fix a water heater unless your skills are good enough. Fixing a water heater without a professional is dangerous and can cost you more down the road. Why risk it?

plumbers SomervilleThe third important thing hiring plumbers in Somerville taught me is the importance of knowing where in your home is the main shutoff valve located. Not just you, but everyone in your family has to know where to find the main water shutoff. This will be critical in case of a plumbing emergency, in order to avoid flooding and water damage. Do this before an actual emergency. Take some time to educate your family members what to do in case of a plumbing disaster.

I hope these things I shared with you will teach you so you wouldn’t have to learn things the way I did. If you need a reliable technician, go hire Plumbers 911. They have the most skilled technician in all of Boston.

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How to Fix a Bathtub Leak in Your Chicago Home

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leak detection ChicagoWhen it comes to bathtub leaks, it is normally caused by two things: underlying plumbing issue and water leak. The answer to how it should be fixed will depend on the nature of the leak. It could be that the faucet is leaking or you have ceiling leaks below the bathtub.

Fixing a leaky faucet is probably one of the easiest plumbing issue at home, because all you need is a seat assembly and a simple washer to solve the issue. It’s either the former or the latter because pressured water is normally delivered to you and thus the watertight seal on the faucet has to be strong enough to counter this.

To do this, you must first shut off the water supply and the faucet, replace the washer. Ensure that you have the proper equipment to do the task, otherwise, it is wise to call a reliable Chicago plumber to fix your faucet for you. If you know nothing about fixing a leaky faucet in Chicago then you might just make your plumbing problem worse.

If the faucet is not an issue, then probably your bathtub is leaking! Certainly, you must call a plumber if you have this issue because a bathtub leak is not something that you should do. It requires expertise and the right tools to accomplish this task. To check if your bathtub is leaking, you need to look for signs of water stain under the tub or on the ceiling beneath it. If you notice this, immediately call a plumber because letting this go could bring a whole lot of problems in the future such as weak ceiling, paint stains, drywall repairs — all are more costly than a faucet leak repair!

Any plumbing problem, if addressed immediately, will not lead to a more expensive problem. Look for professional help immediately before a small problem goes out of hand.

Clogged Sewer Warning Signs that You Shouldn’t Miss

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sewer cleanouts Independence
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If you’re not a plumber or someone interested in plumbing, then you would not know if your sewer already needs cleaning.

Keeping your sewer line is necessary because when this clogs, this could cause the backing up of raw sewage into your home, causing serious health issues and costly water damage.

Even if you are no plumber, you will notice these warning signs and if you do, call a local Independence plumber immediately.

There is water back up everywhere when you using ANY plumbing fixtures:

  • Pour water on your bathroom sink. If your toilet bubble or rise up then most probably you have a sewer line clog.
  • Flush your toilet once. If the water starts gurgling up on the drain then the water already blocked by a sewer line clog.
  • Turn on your washer and check if the toilet or shower drain overflows. If so, this could be a clear indication that the water is blocked so it finds its way out elsewhere.

Multiple water drains have backed up:

If your plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, toilets, and showers among others have drains making a gurgling water sound, then you could have a main sewer line clog in your Independence home.

Your sewer clean out has drainage water:

If your home was built before 1978 then you probably may not have a sewer clean out. Newer houses has this black or white pipe with a threaded cap which gives it access to the sewer line so clogs can be cleaned out easily. This is normally installed at the sides of a home.

Once you find it, pull off the cap. Check if there is water flowing out of the pipe, if so then this confirms that the clog is inside the sewer line.

Sewer cleaning is not for the faint of heart so I suggest that you get the services of a licensed plumber from reputable plumbing firms to networks. You might waste time, money and effort in search of that clog. The good think about professional service technicians is they know what they are doing and can finish any plumbing task the quickest possible time.

Regular Septic Tank Cleaning is Important to Every West Palm Beach Home

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septic tank cleaning West Palm BeachNot everyone is comfortable talking about septic topics, septic cleaning in particular. Nobody wants to think, unless you are a plumber or has an interest in plumbing, about what happens to waste once it goes down the drain. Many people think that since the septic tank is just there, able to process the waste from a home, it is often ignored and left unmaintained.

Here is a fact: septic tanks require needs to be thoroughly maintained to ensure that it is always in top shape because it has a great impact on your family’s health and budget. Be mindful of the water and waste that go down there and have it regularly checked to minimize health risks.

Regular Septic Tank Cleaning: Why it is Important

Invest in a professional septic tank cleaning at least every 5 years. It is best to put professional eyes on your septic system to avoid any untoward problems in the future. During the pumping process, your local West Palm Beach plumbing technician evaluates the septic system as a whole to identify both major and minor issues.

It is best that minor issues are identified early on so they wouldn’t blow up in the future. Also, minor repairs are inexpensive compared to major ones. If such problems go unnoticed, they might result to backups, cracks, or leaks in the system that could result to a thousand dollar worth of complete septic system replacement.

When you go for regular septic tank cleanings, you are left with a clean septic tank and peace of mind. Regular septic tank cleaning allows sludge and solids to break down and prevent hazardous materials to pass into the drain field.  Proper breakdown of sludge and solids inside the tank helps ensure that the water resources and surrounding environment are safe and clean.

Things that You Should Never Put Inside the Garbage Disposal in Your Coconut Creek Home

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The garbage disposal is one good solution to a messy kitchen, this is why it’s a must have for every home. It gets rid of common kitchen scraps but guess what? It is not capable of “eating” everything. People would normally overly believe in the power of this machine and ignoring its limitations oftentimes lead to jammed garbage disposals.

Yes, the garbage disposal has a powerful blades and motor but there are certain things that you shouldn’t put inside it. While these things may seem harmless, it is capable of damaging the garbage disposal system in the long run.

5 Things That Shouldn’t Go Inside Your Garbage Disposal System

  1. Starchy or Stringy Vegetables such as celery, kale, asparagus, lettuce, potato peels and chard to name a few. These vegetables has fibers that can wrap around the blade and clog your drain.
  2. Grease, oil and fat obviously should never go inside any drain, let alone your garbage disposal. For obvious reasons, once these cool down, it automatically solidify and jams your unit.
  3. Rice and pasta, when they come in contact with water, expand. Observe your rice and pasta as you cook it because it will continue to do so inside your garbage disposal. Each time the water goes down, the pasta or rice continue to bloat causing your drain to clog.
  4. Egg shells have a thin membrane that, like fibers, wrap itself around the blade of your disposal system. The coffee beans, on the other hand, can get trap at the pit of your garbage disposal. To dispose coffee beans and egg shells, compost them.
  5. Pork, chicken, beef, and lamb bones should not go into garbage disposal because it is not strong enough to handle them. Remember, the only bones that can go inside your disposal system are the fish bones.

When you encounter problems with garbage disposal system, call a professional Coconut Creek plumber immediately. This ensures that the garbage disposal installation or repair is done professionally.